Mario Ciancarella

The BuBoP! It's essential when I'm on tour. With the "Presence" mode I can equalize the sound depending on the environment and the instruments I find on the stage.

Mario Ciancarella.


Mario Ciancarella was born in L’Aquila in 1990. He began the study of electric bass at the Icarus music school in L’Aquila, with Fabrizio Pierleoni, and then continued at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome with Gianfranco Gullotto. Later he dedicated himself to the study of jazz double bass with Luca Bulgarelli and Marco Siniscalco at the A. Casella dell’Aquila conservatory. From July 2017 official member of the Carvin Jones Band inaugurated the tour in Spain touching important locations including the Blues Cazorla Festival. He shared the stage with Taj Mahal & Keb ‘Mo’ Band and other artists well-known worldwide. In parallel with the activity of musician he manages the recording studio “The Burning Room” as arranger (National Award Mogol “Musica Controcorrente”), composer, recording & mixing engineer and music producer for the artists of his record label, Onda Dischi (

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