Alessia "Niña" Di Rienzo

I love the versatility of my Gainover, thanks to the double choice of amount of gain. Sounds are never mixed but transparent and dynamic.

Alessia "Niña" Di Rienzo.


Guitarist and composer, Alessia “Niña” Di Rienzo was born in Switzerland to parents of Molise origin. He moved with his family to Abruzzo and began studying guitar at a young age under the guidance of maestro Bruno Previtali, historical guitarist of the band “Goblin” by Claudio Simonetti. He undertakes several musical experiences approaching Pop rock, Blues and finally Reggae with the band “Bloomy Roots” and important artists likes Lighea (Sanremo 1994). He moved to Rome and, together with the drummer Marilisa Asci and the bassist singer Anais Noir, created two parallel projects: “Highway to Her” the first Italian AC/DC women tribute and “Milady band” where the three musicians, united by the same passion for rock music and psychedelia, decided to tribute the Muse and in the meantime work on their own songs to make the first album, produced by the Undergrond Studio’s. In June 2019 the band’s first single comes out, “Modernità”, a contemporary Pop rock song but with a look to the past, told by the images of the video clip of the director Stefano Poletti. In parallel, they start a collaboration as a backing band for the artist Clara Moroni, historical vocalist of Vasco Rossi. Alessia’s musical training was inspired by the great myths of the electric guitar: Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, subsequently approaching Mike Stern, Pat Metheny, Robert Fripp, also nurturing a strong passion for Ennio Morricone and Hans Zimmer.

Alessia "Niña" Di Rienzo uses: