Cookies file – summary information What are “cookies” files?
The “cookies” must be understood as computer data, ie small text files that allow the website to store important information to allow the user to use the site more comfortably. These files allow a website to recognize the user’s device and navigate according to your preferences. A “cookie” generally contains the name of the domain it comes from, the “duration” and a unique number.
What are “cookies” used for?
The “cookies” are part of the HTTP protocol that allows the exchange of messages between the server and the browser and are marked by name, value and expiry date after which the cookies are automatically deleted from the browser. Their functionality is largely standard and responds to browser settings. The cookies files used are mainly used to personalize the content of websites according to user preferences and to increase the usability and personalization of the content of the websites.
What “cookies” do we use?
All cookies files are installed only with the user’s consent which is requested through an explicit request on a banner that is clearly distinguishable from the content of the web page. We use two types of “cookies” – “session” and “permanent” files. The first are temporary files that remain saved on a computer or mobile device and are deleted as soon as the browser is closed or when the Customer logs off. The “permanent” files, on the other hand, are stored on the user’s computer or mobile device for a period determined by the cookie parameters or until they are manually deleted from the browser. The “cookies” that are used by those who manage the website, and in particular by the users of that site, are subject to their own privacy rules.
The “cookies” we use are intended to facilitate the use of our website, for example by “storing” the information entered only once so that the user does not have to indicate it again in the future. We also use “cookies” that allow us to adapt the content presented on the Internet (eg advertising and photos) to the user’s preferences.
Information on privacy and “cookies”
When a visitor uses our site, cookies are used that allow the identification of the user’s web browser or device – the “cookies” files collect various information which, in principle, do not constitute personal data (they do not allow the identification a visitor). Some information, based on its content and method of use, can be associated with a particular person and is therefore considered personal data. In accordance with the escarpe.it privacy policy, all data is encrypted, preventing access to unauthorized persons.
With the cookie technology used on our site, it is possible to know the preferences of users – for example, through the analysis of visits or which products they look at and how often. The analysis of online behavior allows us to better understand user habits and expectations and to adapt to their needs and interests. Thanks to this technology, we are able to present the user with advertising adapted to his preferences (for example, advertising is displayed based on the last search for shoes in the category “flat shoes”), as well as present the user with offers. that correspond to your needs or to create and present offers or discounts dedicated only to a single user.
Renouncing the cookies that allow the display of advertising adapted to the user’s preferences does not mean that he will no longer have the visibility of advertising content when he uses our site or other sites – in this case the user will continue to receive the same amount of advertising content, even if not directly related to your current business.
Access to information regarding users’ online activity using cookies allows us to conduct statistical and market analysis.
The information collected and contained in the cookies can be stored even after the end of the browser session, which then allows it to be retransmitted to the site at the next visit by the same user.
With regard to cookie files, we use a technology that allows us to reach users who have previously visited our website with an advertising message, including on other websites visited by them, including those belonging to subjects who collaborate with our partners.
The lack of a relationship between the advertisement displayed by the user and his interest and his needs can be seen as an inappropriate circumstance. We believe that for the user who accesses the site from time to time it is more useful that the message received by him responds to his interests and needs, identified following the analysis of his behavior in previous situations on the basis of cookie technology. . This is why we are interested in advertising content suited to the user who uses various Internet sites, in order to provide advertising content in accordance with his previous Internet activity. Third party cookies file (third party cookies)
The cookie files we use are used above all to improve the service to the user during his use of our website. However, we collaborate with other companies as part of their marketing (advertising) activities. As a function of this collaboration, the browser or other software installed on the user’s device also records the cookie files from the subjects who conduct this marketing activity. You can consult the list of our trusted partners in our privacy policy.
The cookies sent by these parties have the purpose of improving the effectiveness of the presentation to the user of advertising messages in accordance with their online activity – third parties provide advertising messages to users.
For this reason, during the visit to our website, the cookies files of our partners are also saved on the user’s computer or other device. In this way, for example, information on the products viewed or purchased is collected. Deletion / blocking of “cookies” files
Remember that you can provide or obtain consent for the use of cookies files through the privacy settings on our site or your web browser.
The web browser and other programs installed on the user’s computer or other device connected to the network allow the default installation of a given type of “cookies” file on this device. These settings can be changed in such a way as to block the management of “cookies” files – in the web browser settings – or to inform each time that they are sent to the user’s device. In this way, the consent expressed for the use of this technology can also be modified or revoked at any time (blocking the saving of cookies in the future).
It is also possible to block third party cookies with the simultaneous acceptance of the “cookies” files coming directly from the eobuwie.pl site.
Detailed information on the possibilities and methods of managing “cookies” files are available in the software settings (of the web browser).
Any limitations regarding the use of “cookies” files may affect certain functions available on the website.

TEFI Vintage Lab uses only the PII necessary to carry out our service.

We collect your personal information only for the following purposes:

– Product orders
– Website registration
– Newsletter registration
– Comments on our articles
– Info request on the “Contacts” form

The data are kept on our server for the time strictly necessary to carry out the purpose for which they were collected, after which all will be deleted. Data protection is guaranteed by an Anti-Malware software that scans the site cyclically.

Cookie Policy

TEFI Vintage Lab uses cookies exclusively for the statistical purpose of collecting user experiences on our site, to improve and guarantee an increasingly professional service. Cookies are small files that ask permission to be installed on your computer’s hard drive. If permission is granted, cookies help us analyze data traffic on our site and allow us to evaluate which pages to focus improvements concerning use and navigation.