Anni B Sweet

As soon as I listened to James (Bagshaw) playing guitar through Ms. Delayette during the recording of "Universe Por Estrenar ', it was immediately love with that magical sound.

Anni B Sweet.


Anni B Sweet is a Spanish singer and composer. She made her debut in the music world at a very young age,  in 2009 with “Start, Restart, Undo”, a melodic folk album released under the important Subterfuge Records label and which immediately gained enormous success. His version of “Take on Me” by Ahá opens more international doors that brings the album to be published in 11 countries. After 3 years of intense tours and promotional engagements,  arrives in 2012 the dark and melancholy “Oh! Monsters” with which he veered towards a more pop/indie style than the sound of the previous record. In March 2015 he published “Chasing Illusions”, where Anni gives a vivid and electric light to his new songs, which move between the soul of the Sixties, the new wave of the 80s and rock of the Seventies. An album that emphasizes the versatility of this brilliant voice considered among the most successful Spanish artists in the world. Anni released her fourth album “Universo por estrenar” in May 2019 and represents a total change from her previous 3 albums. Entirely sung in Spanish and it opens to the pop of contagious refrains with electronic arrangements typical of neopsychodelia. It immediately breaks the mold with its first single “Buen Viaje” where it deals with a universal theme, the strength to say goodbye without rancor and fill us with a new light. Recorded between London and Granada, mastered in the United States, the album is produced by James Bagshaw, leader, singer and producer of the British band Temples. For Bagshaw it is the first production beyond his own band, he fused his sixties/psychedelic propensity with the spirit and experimental art of Anni B Sweet creating a neopsichedelica synergy that makes the record play with a new modern freshness. Both the covers of “Buen Viaje” and the album are designed by Pogo, illustrator and cover writer for the famous poster for Lollapallooza by Tame Impala, or Zoé’s latest album.

Anni B Sweet uses: