Marianna D'Ama

I've tested many echo pedals, but with Ms. Delayette I finally found a stompbox that really gives me the feeling of using a real tape echo machine

Marianna D'Ama.


Marianna D’Ama is an Italian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. At the age of fourteen, she embraced her first electric guitar, a passion deepened over the years, which was then joined by that for music production and editing studied in London, and for the sound of vintage organs. In n 2019 she released the single “Thee Devil” with a glam-rock flavor, produced by the record label Oh-No! Tapes Records, section of the video label Oh-No! Tapes which she co-founded the previuous year, and confirmed her compositional talent and a penetrating voice reminiscent of a jazz-blues sound environment very close to her mood. She has produced videos for artists like Xabier Iriondo (Afterhours), Marco Parente, Paolo Benvegnu, Enzo Moretto (A Toys Orchestra), and collaborated as singer with The Du-Rites from New York and the Italian songwriter Stella Burns, until she met the Italian-American blues-folk songwriter Joseph Martone. Marianna is ambassador for Spanish guitar line NewVille Guitars. Her new EP “Where Will You Go, Nina?”, launched with the video “March 1990”, is set for release 30 October 2021 with the Italian/English label Endless Groove Records.

Marianna D'Ama uses: