Massimo Martellotta

Pedal overdrives emulate an amp in crisis, I never use them because I prefer to saturate an amp really. The BuBoP! helps me a lot in this. Raise the input signal as much as I want and it is very transparent.

Massimo Martellotta.


Massimo Martellotta is an Italian multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, known primarily as a guitarist and keyboard player in the Calibro 35 band. He is the lead author and co-founder of the Calibro 35 with which he has released four albums distributed worldwide and played in hundreds of concerts in Italy, including the opening for the Muse at San Siro, Europe and the United States. He composes and produces soundtracks for cinema and television. Some of his compositions are present in soundtracks of Italian and international films, as in the case of Robert Schwentke’s Red with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich or the Brazilian band by John Snellinberg or even by Said by Joseph Léfèvre or even by Vallanzasca – The evil angels of Michele Placido with Kim Rossi Stuart. He is the creator of the musical television format “Tadà!”: A daily shot presented by Filippo Timi of about 5 minutes duration, shot in black and white and broadcast on DeeJay TV in 2016.

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