Will Dorey

For my studio records I've always used vintage tape echo machines, but not too pratical tu use in Live stream. Thanks to Ms. Delayette I can achieve a sound really close to the original just using a little box.

Will Dorey.


Skinshape originated when Will Dorey was a teenager, and was especially inspired by the records of Pink Floyd and the sounds of ’60s British Psychedelia as well as Reggae and Funk. Dorey experimented with ’60s reel-to-reel tape machines and other vintage analogue music equipment as a way to achieve his distinctive sound. The first Skinshape gigs were DJ sets, starting in 2010. In 2013 Will began work on what would be the first Skinshape self-titled album released in 2014, its second album “Oracolo” in 2015, “Life and Love” in 2017, “Filoxiny” in 2018, “Umoja” in 2020. Dorey writes the music and lyrics and plays most of the instruments himself, as well as supplying most of the vocals. He collaborates with other musicians for additional instruments and vocals. Will records the artists using as much analogue equipment as possible. He records his music primarily at The Arch studio in North London, but also at home with a bedroom studio setup, where he also mixes the tracks.

Photo Credit: Mike Lewis

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