Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your pedals made in Italy?
Yes, they are designed and developed by Andrea and Emanuele who build them by hand in the workshop in Casoli di Atri (TE). During extremely busy times, we are assisted in the workshop by experienced staff.

Q: Do your products meet quality standards?
With the help of a consulting company, we were able to affix the CE mark certifying that all TEFI Vintage Lab products are designed according to the standards defined by EU directives that respect the safety of the user and the environment.

Q: Do you plan an endorsement program?
To be honest, we don’t like the word “endorsement” behind which lies the presence of a contract that obliges the artist to use gear exclusively of a specific brand. The artists on the site are musicians who, after purchasing one of our products, contacted us expressing their willingness to cooperate with us and contribute to the development and promotion of new models.

Q: Do you still repair vintage musical instruments?
Although our work focuses almost completely on the design and construction of original boutique pedals, we still love to resurrect vintage instruments. If you have a Farfisa/Vox combo organ, a Binson Echorec, or a tube amplifier that needs to be repaired or upgraded, please contact us to receive an estimate on the repair costs.

Q: Why does an old person appear on every TEFI pedal?
We have decided to dedicate the pedal artwork to the grandparents of our community; those precious masters of life with whom we often stop and listen to the stories they have to tell about their lives.

Q: Can I request custom modifications to your pedals?
No, it is not possible to apply custom modifications to the Standard series. Small changes can be applied to the Deluxe series, which also includes airbrush painting by a local artist.