CORNUCOPIA – Guitar Tube Preamplifier

ForBass Guitar, Electric Guitar

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Color, presence, musicality: these are the most important features of the renewed Cornucopia tube overdrive. Transferring the real tube sound inside a stompbox is not at all easy; overall sound performance is due to the synergy between each section of the circuit. Noise, background hum and performance degradation can quickly surface when even a small part of the design process is not carefully checked. The Cornucopia tube overdrive is the result of years spent improving the design and engineering of our products. It is through with this rigorous approach that the 12AX7 tube can provide the best sound performance, symbolized by the Cornucopia in the hands of the God Tiberinus.


The strong personality of the 12AX7, controlled and regulated by original J-FET circuits, provides a "tube colored" tone even through transistor amplifiers, setting Cornucopia as almost a clean boost. For this reason, we think of Cornucopia more as a miniaturized preamplifier, to be positioned in front of the amplification in need of a warmer sound, rather than a simple overdrive pedal. The "BIAS" command improves the 12AX7 valve’s versatility, moving from a sweet and creamy overdrive to a more dirty and asymmetrical distortion, but maintaining musicality, in accordance with the most important rule of all TEFI Vintage Lab designs.

Input impedance 700 kOhm
Output impedance 470 Ohm
Max Gain +55dB
Tube Sovtek 12AX7WA
Signal switching True-bypass
Supply voltage/Current absorption 12VAC/1000mA (alimentatore incluso con il pedale)
DC plug connection Tip 2.5mm
Enclosure material Hammond enclosure, aluminium die-cast