THE LeadEr – lead distortion

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Sustain, a good pinch of musicality, and the right dose of nastiness are the best recipe for an incisive distortion. The leader of the vintage motorcycle club, Ignazio “The Leader”, has skillfully blended these ingredients to obtain a Lead Distortion able to deliver your musical message to your audience, highly defined without annoying grittiness. Designed specially to make an electric guitar scream, both with Single Coils or Humbucker pickups, when it arrives on the scene it becomes the star of the song. Based on original TEFI Vintage Lab circuit, The Leader focuses on medium range frequencies that can be tailored according to your own personal taste using the “Body” and “Presence” controls. The “Sustain” control adjusts the length of the note depending on the requirements of the Solo or Rhythmic pattern.


With its 75dB maximum gain, the Leader is designed to create electric guitar lead solos that will not be covered by the other instruments in the band. The ideal position in the effects chain is immediately after other overdrive pedals and before a delay, in order to have a complete distortion package at your feet.

Input impedance 700 kOhm
Output impedance 470 Ohm
Max Gain +75dB
Signal switching True-bypass
Supply voltage/Current absorption 9VDC/25mA
Power connection/ground type Negative tip/negative ground
Battery supply +9V (6LF22)
Enclosure material Hammond enclosure, aluminium die-cast