• Ms. DELAYETTE – Analog tape voiced Echo/Reverb

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    The soul of a veteran magnetic echo today lives on enclosed in a modern boutique pedal. Mistress Delayette, queen of Germanic beauty in the 60s and today an elderly but still very attractive, symbolizes the still current charm of the echo and reverb sounds typical of vintage magnetic units such as the Binson Echorec, Echolette NG51S, and Maestro Echoplex EP-1. In the machines of that period, high fidelity repetions was sought; because of their mechanical nature, without accurate and constant maintenance, these effects tend to have problems related to the tape dragging, that generate their unique and distinctive sounds. The TEFI Vintage Lab research team has created an echo/reverb pedal effect with a Hi-Fi response, but with the possibility of being altered by simulating the aging of the machine with the WOW and FLUTTER commands that are completely analog and specially calibrated to obtain maximum realism of reproduction.