TEFI Vintage Lab invites you to activate the warranty within 10 days of the purchase of the product. It is necessary to connect to our website www.tefivintagelab.it and, on the page describing your product, fill in the required form in the “register product” section. TEFI Vintage Lab products are covered by a 5-year warranty. If the user finds an anomaly due to component defects and erroneous assembly, please contact us by sending an e-mail to info@tefivintagelab.it, describing the problem encountered in detail and the circumstances in which it was verified.

In compliance with the regulations defined in the following clauses, TEFI Vintage Lab undertakes to repair the instrument with no additional costs.

1. Warrantly is valid for 5 years. Does not include parts subject to wear such as jacks, switches, potentiometers, dip-switches, 9V battery clip or 9V battery holder, nor does it include aesthetic parts such as knobs.
2. Warrantly does not extend to damage caused by inexperience or negligence in the use of the effects pedal, or bad/neglected maintenance.
3. TEFI Vintage Lab undertakes to replace at its own discretion the malfunctioning or incorrect manufacturing parts, only after a careful check and verification of bad construction.
4. In the presence of incorrect use of the warranty, shipping costs will be charged to the user.
5. During the warranty period, the replaced parts/products become the property of the manufacturer.
6. This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser who has followed the normal maintenance instructions described in this manual. Our warranty liability expires at the moment the original owner surrenders ownership of the product, or modifications are made to it.
7. Warranty does not include damage caused by excessive stress, such as the use of the product after the detection of an anomaly, the use of inappropriate methods of operation, as well as the failure to observe use and maintenance instructions.
8. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any difficulties that may arise in resale or use abroad due to the provisions in force in the country where the product was sold.
9. The product part of the defective unit must be delivered to TEFI Vintage Lab for replacement, otherwise the replaced part will be charged to the buyer.
10. Any product repair or modification by the user or by companies not authorized by TEFI Vintage Lab will invalidate the warranty.

TEFI Vintage Lab products are designed to comply with the standards laid down by EU directives regarding safety and the environment. Pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 49 of March 14, 2004 “Implementation of Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (RAEE)”.
The crossed-bin symbol indicates that the product, at the end of its useful life, must be separately collected from other waste.
The user must therefore confer the equipment with the essential components at the end of their life to the appropriate collection centers for electrical and electronic waste.