Binson Hi-Fi back to life

We are happy to share with you restore a fabulous Binson mod amplifier. HI-FI.

See the gallery of the electronic restoration following the link:

This high-quality amplifier Binson HI-FI, in the rare version of the head, comes from Germany and has been purchased as not working. The initial diagnosis, we found that one of the terminals of the power transformer on the secondary for feeding 6.3Vac filaments was in contact with the chassis and prevent the operation. Amplifiers so dated needs a complete overhaul: revised all the electrolytic capacitors of the power supply filter emptying the interior of the original, then placed inside the modern models (all done to preserve the aesthetics), the cables replaced with crumbling sheath ( unfortunately on Binson apparatuses there are myriad and must be replaced all), replacing tubes and general calibration. The two channels have different filters, a more brilliant and the other darker. Effective power measured on benchwork is 62Wrms. Sound quite extraordinary, what did you expect form an amplifier marked Binson?