Pietro Pancella TEFI Vintage Lab artist

We are happy to welcome in the family of TEFI Vintage Lab artists Pietro Pancella, talented bass player and double bass player of the Abruzzese Jazz Fusion scene. Despite his 21-year-old, Pietro has already taken important stages by winning the first prize of the “Chicco Bettinardi” competition, organized by the Piacenza Jazz Festival, and the first prize of the “Tuscia in the European Jazz Award 2017” with the band “Blackish” alongside of another TEFI artist, the guitarist Christian Mascetta. He regularly collaborates with jazz guitarist Matteo di Leonardo with whom he won the “Zilina International Jazz Contest” in the best compositions section.

Pietro uses the Tremolo/Percussion “Smilin ‘Ghost”, particularly exploiting the T.R.F.I. and the “BuBoP!” buffer/booster connected between a bass of the Guitars APS and a PROAMP amplification system for an instrumentation entirely made in Abruzzo.

Our best wishes for good music for Pietro!