Alessandro “Asso” Stefana chose TEFI Lab boutique pedals

Alessandro Stefana, alias “Asso”, extraordinary multi-instrumentalist and composer for Guano Padano, Vinicio Capossela and PJ Harvey chose to enrich his sound with our pedals. In particular, he was impressed by the sixties feeling of our germanium fuzz Gegè.

He said: The first time I heard the name “Gegè” was in 2007. We were preparing for the first tour “Mondocane” with Mike Patton and, on the drums, there was the legendary Gegè Munari (at the time 75 years). When I heard it play, my mind immediately came back to Italian sounds in the golden years of the 50s and 60s. The same thing happened now with the TEFI Gegè fuzz; fabulous germanium Fuzz effect made in Italy. Long life to both Gegè!

Alessandro, despite his young age, has already made several albums with: Marc Ribot, Alessandro Alessandroni (the famous whistle of the soundtracks by Ennio Morricone), Joey Burns (Calexico), Dan Fante, Mark Orton, Bobby Solo and many others.

We are really happy that a musician like Asso appreciates our products.