James Edward Bagshaw uses Ms. Delayette tape echo/reverb.

We are thrilled to announce that James Edward Bagshaw, guitarist and founder of the Temples, has chosen our “Ms. Delayette” echo tape emulator pedal. James explained to us that, as a great lover of tape echoe machines, he needed to bring his typical vintage sound to the stage; these machines, however, need continuous maintenance and often present problems during the performance. The guitarist of the band from Kettering told us that he is enthusiastic about the result we have achieved with Ms. Delayette, commenting with the exclamation “amazing voicing” and that finally is able to bring the sound of a tape echo in a small box , without the terror that anomalies occur during concerts.

We leave you with a piece of the Temples, “Mesmerise”, and below the picture of the pedalboard that James has just developed, including Ms. Delayette.