Maccheroni Bros MKII is out!

Finally, we introduced the MKII version of our well known Dual Overdrive Maccheroni Bros.

Maccheroni Bros is an American-voiced dual overdrive consisting of two distinct circuits, designed to create a wide variety of modern versatile new sounds. The two channels are called Fred and Mike, both Italo-American bricklayers with very different personalities. Fred is lanky and placid, the ‘good’ brother. This channel is based on the proprietary PCN circuit finely calibrated to this role. It gives a creamy sound and dynamic overdrive with sweet midrange sustain that favors a Legato technique. Mike, stout and short-tempered, the ‘indomitable’ brother, produces the rock sound obtainable from a tube amp pulled at full throttle. This channel provides good sustain and presence with clear attack of every note played. Its circuit is based on a J-Fet stadium, combined with other circuits designed to obtain the best overall sonic performance.

The MKII version introduces enhancements on Mike circuit in terms of mid-high responce, always keeping its aggressivity. The pedal now can work also at 12VDC.

PRE-ORDERS start from 29 of July 2020. Reserve your Maccheroni Bros MKII by Reverb at discounted price of 233€; starting from 4 of July, the price will be 262€.

This is the link to for PRE-ORDERS: