Golden Era is Out of Stock

We are very sorry to announce that Golden Era is out of stock.

We have worked hard, at night and even on weekends, to build as much Golden Era as possible to meet the great demand for this pedal and get it to pedalboards all over the world.
Due to the microchip crisis, key parts are not available and, at the moment, we still don’t know when they will be back in stock. We do not want to use alternative parts, each component of the Golden Era has been selected to ensure maximum reliability and the typical sound of our Lo-Fi Machine.
We only have enough parts to finish the back-orders and then we are forced to stop the production of this pedal which we hope to resume in middle September.

You can try asking for availability to TVL Authorized Dealers listed on DEALERS webpage.

Golden Era had an huge success we didn’t expect: we would like to thank you for the feedback and the nice words that you sent us after testing the pedal: this is the fuel that pushes us to spend the nights awake creating new circuits.

Moreover,we would like to thank particularly James Edward Bagshaw for giving us the idea of ​​this magic pedal, Ryan Plewacki from Demos in The Dark for the exciting demotest and the worldwide Dealers who believed in our work. Thank you!

Chip crisis doesn’t affect (at the moment) other pedals from our catalog.

See ya soon! 🧙‍♂️