Davide "Boosta" Di Leo

I have always been in love with tape echo machines, and now I'm in truly love with Ms. Delayette… it my perfect tape delay, without the tape!

Davide "Boosta" Di Leo.


Boosta, aka Davide Dileo, is an Italian musician, composer and writer, keyboard player and founder of Subsonica. He is also a DJ, record producer, TV presenter, radio presenter and singer. Boosta is considered one of the best Italian DJs, touring behind the console of the best clubs: from Ibiza to Zurich passing through the most important electronic situations in Italy. He has published 12″ for Mantra Vibes, Ocean Dark, Toast Hawaii, Mute up to ongoing projects for Stereo7 and others. As a remixer he has reworked the songs of Italian (Vasco Rossi, Morgan, Cristina Donà) and international (Placebo, Beastie Boys) artists, Client, Depeche Mode, Skin, The Jackson 5). As author and composer wrote two songs for Mina (Non ti voglio più, contained in the album “Facile”, and La Clessidra contained in Caramella), the piece The Last Icon written together with Skin and released only on the web, Veronika on the latest work by Tricky and an unreleased track together with Veronika Coassolo and Photek for the soundtrack of CSI. He is also the author of the song Shine by Malika Ayane, included in the 2012 album “Ricreazione”.

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