• CORNUCOPIA Keys – Keyboards Tube Preamplifier

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    The Cornucopia Keys project was developed starting from the Cornucopia Guitar with the idea of ​​obtaining a preamplifier with 12AX7 tube specifically dedicated to Tonewheel organs (Hammond), sixties Combo organs (Farfisa, Vox), Electric Pianos (Rhodes, Wurlitzer) and Synthesizers . Unlike the electric guitar, a keyboard instrument indeed requires a much wider response band, in order to totally preserve the harmonic content of the signal, and also requires a reduced dynamic field when entering overdrive conditions. By bringing the Gain command to high values, you can get a creamy and characterized overdrive from the Cornucopia Keys, retaining high sonic transparency that behaves exactly like a tube amp when a large signal is applied in. The Volume and Gain commands allow you to adjust/match the input levels with output and choose the point where you want to trigger the overdrive, while the Contour command can set a first general equalization of the sound. The Bias lever-switch acts on the tube bias and allows you to choose two different overdrive behaviors: creamy in "Soft" position and fuzzy in "Hard" mode.