Annie b smith

Anni B Sweet

As soon as I listened to James (Bagshaw) playing guitar through Ms. Delayette during the recording of “Universe Por Estrenar ‘, it was immediately love with that magical sound.

Anni B Sweet

James Edward Bagshaw

I guess this is the best sounding tape echo emulator I have ever heard.

James Edward Bagshaw.

Mario Ciancarella

The BuBoP! It’s essential when I’m on tour. With the “Presence” mode I can equalize the sound depending on the environment and the instruments I find on the stage.

Mario Ciancarella.

Marianna D’Ama

I’ve tested many echo pedals, but with Ms. Delayette I finally found a stompbox that really gives me the feeling of using a real tape echo machine

Marianna D’Ama.

Davide “Boosta” Di Leo

I have always been in love with tape echo machines, and now I’m in truly love with Ms. Delayette… it my perfect tape delay, without the tape!

Davide “Boosta” Di Leo.

Matteo Di Leonardo

For years I was looking for an overdrive that would preserve the original timbre of my Gibson. The Cornucopia tube overdrive put an end to my research.

Matteo Di Leonardo.

Alessia “Niña” Di Rienzo

I love the versatility of my Gainover, thanks to the double choice of amount of gain. Sounds are never mixed but transparent and dynamic.

Alessia “Niña” Di Rienzo.
poppetto corretto

Roberto Di Virgilio

TEFI Vintage Lab was an exciting discovery for me! With Maccheroni Bros and GainOver I have all the colors, the dynamics and the feeling I was looking for in an overdrive!

Roberto Di Virgilio.

Will Dorey

For my studio records I’ve always used vintage tape echo machines, but not too pratical tu use in Live stream. Thanks to Ms. Delayette I can achieve a sound really close to the original just using a little box.

Will Dorey.
Luca Giordano High

Luca Giordano

“Gain Over is the perfect choice when I’m touring outside Italy and I just want to have with me that beautiful natural saturation, without effecting my tone on the amp!”

Luca Giordano.

Filippo Graziani

The Gain Over is like meeting a beautiful woman and then discovering that she has a twin.

Filippo Graziani.

Gaetano Guardino

Thanks to The LeadEr finally I reached the sound of my dreams!

Gaetano Guardino.

Joshua Harmon

The Golden Era brought a lot of warmth and color to nearly every track on the record. It has been my favorite pedal since it found its way on my board.

Joshua Harmon.

Massimo Martellotta

Pedal overdrives emulate an amp in crisis, I never use them because I prefer to saturate an amp really. The BuBoP! helps me a lot in this. Raise the input signal as much as I want and it is very transparent.

Massimo Martellotta.
Christian Mascetta

Christian Mascetta

The GainOver has a sound … amazing! I always bring it with me both in the studio and on the stage. It always knows how to give me new emotions!
Christian Mascetta.

Christian Mascetta.

Flavia Massimo

Each time I turn on the Smilin’ Ghost tremolo, I think it would have been nice to write classical music with this effect.

Flavia Massimo.

Pietro Pancella

For me there is nothing more fun than experimenting new sounds with The Smilin’ Ghost. I can create sounds that I had not even imagined before.

Pietro Pancella.

Paride Pignotti

The GainOver responds beautifully to my touch on the guitar. His place in the pedalboard is unmovable.

Paride Pignotti.

Carlo Poddighe

Thanks to GainOver, I finally have an overdrive that respects the dynamics of my instrument!

Carlo Poddighe.

Alessandro “Asso” Stefana

When I heard Gegè sounding, my mind immediately went back to the Italian Golden Age sounds of the ’50 and ’60. Amazing Germanium Fuzz sound made in Italy!

Alessandro “Asso” Stefana.

Giovanni Trapani

The TEFI Vintage Lab pedals help me in sound research thanks to their great personality and originality.

Giovanni Trapani.